Soberanes Fire, Day 12, 8/2/16 – local reports

7:57 pm from Mary Martin in Cachagua. Seems like a fitting one to end with, unless I get something I feel compelled to post. A day away is no fun when I am driving in the crazy traffic with crazy tourists for 4 and 1/2 hours.


Fresno Fire Engine being towed by two Cal Fire Dozers:


From Aletha Parker on Saddle Mountain watching the back fire behind White Rock and Rancho San Clemente.


5:30 pm – these photos were taken this afternoon from approximately 3:30 to 5:00 pm by Sandy O’Keefe Bellamy from Laurels Grade. All indications are this was a planned back burn – looks like an awfully large back burn.

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8:30 am – from Bruce Dormandy at Rancho San Clemente:

“This is the back fire on the unnamed ridge which is now Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District open space (formerly the Los Compadres Ranch) This break is key to protecting the Cachugua. This burned very hot last evening as it backed down to the Carmel River.”


6:50 am – Today I need to do a supply run to the South. I will be leaving around 9-10 am or so. The first hour of my trip is in a dead zone, no cell. Then I will be in range for most of the day, but on and offline, as I accomplish my various stops – we all know the drill. These kinds of supply runs generally take 7 hours or so, given that travel time is often up to 4 hours with traffic. Mike will be taking care of approving comments and whatever else needs watching, and Lucas has already started getting the maps up for you and will continue to add to that, as necessary. You can still send things to me, and at each stop, I will check and forward to Mike if non-map related, and to Lucas if map-related. I’m ever so greatful for the help, but still not quite used to having “staff.” Let’s hope this is a great fire-fighting day.

IR flight for 0230 hours shows 43,434 acres for a growth of 2707 acres since the last flight.

29 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire, Day 12, 8/2/16 – local reports

  1. Good morning, Kate. I know well the arduous supply run that starts for me winding down Tassajara Road.

    This morning I awoke immersed in a smoke cloud that had seeped into our bedroom. Trying to stay calm, I close the windows, assuming it’s the results of a successful backfire, but still no fun to wake up to. And so a special thanks this morning to Lucas!!! Your maps are so informative. I know now for sure I’m in a smoke cloud and not a fire. A fire that is still far enough away based on your downloaded maps to enjoy my morning cup of coffee. I know this must take much time to compile these maps and are so appreciated!!!

  2. Regarding the smoke cloud covering Carmel valley that I awoke to is not without danger. The air quality this morning is at PM 2.5 :

    “Particles less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter (PM2.5) are referred to as “fine” particles and are believed to pose the greatest health risks. Because of their small size (approximately 1/30th the average width of a human hair), fine particles can lodge deeply into the lungs.”

    Suggest wearing a mouth cover when you venture outside!

  3. Hi Joanna,

    Regine here also living up Tassajara Road, 2 miles up the dirt part, and yes, a very smokey morning with low visibility. What I am wanting to know is where the backfires are happening in real time. I have been looking for maps or other info on that but can’t find any. Any suggestions?

    Got myself air purifiers last week, right on time. They seem to work. With windows and doors closed, the smoke smell disappears so I am assuming, hopefully correctly, that these particles are being deposited into the filters instead of my lungs.

    Take care.

  4. I was thinking those two bigger spots on the infrared that are separated from the main fire might be the back burns.

  5. Yes, those are back burn areas that took place yesterday that we are seeing on the infrared maps. They match up to the descriptions that Bruce Dormody wrote on the San Clemente Rancho Facebook page.

  6. Brought clothes to Safeway in Carmel and found out from Kira Godbe the drop point for clothing is now Calvary Church on Hwy 68.

    Gift cards, water, food, towels etc. are being accepted at Safeway until 3:30.

  7. Steph, thanks for this update. I’ve got a lot of stuff set aside for donation.

    I also have a friend who is currently making oatmeal soaps for the fire crews suffering from poison oak – does anyone know the best way to get these to them?

  8. Calvary Chapel has been overwhelmed with generous donations for clothing and have told me they are no longer accepting donations of clothing.

  9. thank you anyone and everyone who is battling this fire… and much sympathy and well wishes to anyone who is suffering from it… i grew up all over the peninsula and recently spent 10 years in carmel valley up until 3 years ago so i feel so much, not only for you people, but also for the land and the animals… please take care of yourselves and do not underestimate the perils of smoke inhalation!! even the smallest amount!! this is cumulative here since it has been going on for so long. use those masks! and fare thee well …veegee glod gorman

  10. From Carmel Valley, there appears to be a new plume in the Cachagua/Tassajara area. Hopefully a backfire.

  11. On Tassajara now. Yes, something shifted here about an hour ago. Air became cool and smoke cleared. Opened up all doors and windows to catch what felt like cool marine layer coming up to 3300 ft. Seems to be disappearing now. That could be what caused the plume or maybe it is a new backfire. I really wish there was a link where backfires are announced as they are set, not yesterday but in real time.

    In any event, a window of fresh air is appreciated.

    The wild creatures are in my heart … wishing I could take away their stress.

  12. Terri I can see it too from my backyard outside the village.

    I am hearing a lot of sirens as well but am assuming this is a backfire until I hear otherwise.

  13. I have a general question about the news flash yesterday that Pt. Lobos park would re-open today, August 2. It asked for local residents to not use the park because of the limited parking. Did anyone else see this? I wish I had saved it. Thanks.

  14. I’ve used a very good Poison Oak or Poison Ivy medication called Tecnu. It’s extremely effective in preventing and treating.

  15. ×
    This is all I could find….looks like they took this off their site. Now it just says parking limited to 150 cars.

    Showing results for point lobos reopening no locals
    Search instead for point libos reopenng no locals
    Point Lobos Foundation | Supporting Point Lobos State Natural Reserve
    Point Lobos State Natural Reserve will reopen on Tuesday, August 2 at 8:00am. State Parks requests that local residents wait to visit to minimize the traffic … will be no parking allowed on the east or west side of Highway 1 near Point Lobos, …

  16. Probably one of the non-locals having an out-of-their world campfire. I must tell you … a local hiked people through the back country and they decided to burn their toilet paper instead of buying it!!!!! I understand ignorance but cannot accept it.

  17. I found out that using any good soap with a wash cloth, that was the important item..the cloth, to scrub off the poisen oak oils before it settles in to cause irritation, was the most effective advice.

  18. I must confess, I had an extreme episode of emotional insobriety when I read that post sayin PL would reopen….inspite of traffic and bacburns….and LOCALS SHOULD YIELD TO TOURISTS! You can read my rant on my Facebook page, and my dialogue with Fifth District. I would like to propose that the MC tourist board, which advertises to bring MORE IN, QUIT. TODAY. WE HAVE TOO MANY. Let them take the money they have budgeted to advertise, and donate it to the uninsured and underinsured folks who lost their homes, and the unemployed and underemployed workers suffering through this disaster! NO MORE ADVERTISING !!!!!!!!!!! We do not have the infrastructure, or the police and ranger capacity to deal with the hoards of ignorant, naive, never been in the woods before folk.

  19. i use dawn dish soap for poison oak. it dissolves the oil and scrubbing the area with a scotch brite pad is even more effective. technu cost about $10. you can buy dawn a lot cheaper and it’s just as good a wash. technu is good to stop the itching later on. be sure to wash within 6 hrs of going out in the poison oak area.

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