Soberanes Fire, Day 38, 8/28/16

7:00 pm – Okay, I am back. I was off to Carmel Valley to the Folktales Winery for a lovely afternoon of music, wine, food, and great people. I met so many people I had only “met” online before. It was a real treat, and so nice to take the day off. In any event, there is a community meeting at MAF tomorrow night, and a new evac warning issued which I posted separately. Here is the meeting notice;


9:00 am – photo back behind Partington taken by Sula Nichols’s daughter Layla. So sad.


9:00 am – finally got the IR Topo map up this morning.


IR Topo Map link to PDF

There is no available IR Topo map this morning at 5:30 am. I will try again later, but Today, starting about 10 am, I will be offline much of the day so that I can attend the Folktales Winery Soberanes Fire Fundraiser.

Here is the South Ops Map:


So Ops Map in PDF

Here are the Fire and Weather Behavior forecasts for today:




5 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire, Day 38, 8/28/16

  1. Retardant is being dropped on the west side of Coast Ridge Road above the South Fork of Partington Creek. The operation has been going on for about one-and-a- half hours.

  2. Weather for Tuesday Marin/ North Bay: small chance for dry lightning to appear with that low pressure swirling off the coast..

  3. Our visit to Miller Canyon below China Camp yesterday was encouraging. We talked to many fire fighters from Arizona and New Mexico who were on site to take over for the Cal Fire crews. There were 8 vehicles and about 20 brave souls that promised to protect our cabins. They had already laid out hoses that were attached to pumps and dozer activity cleared away much of the dangerous brush and dry fuel around the structures. We can only pray that the fire will not enter our sacred area, but if it does that these professionals will be able to contain the blaze and protect our special place.

    On the way out, we saw more crews making ready to do their jobs. God speed, and thank you all for your continued help!

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