6 thoughts on “Evacuation Warning

  1. FYI – your post on FB did NOT show up on my notification. Not aware of any changes on my part… don’t know what’s up…. >_< (but I did see some "action" on the post…)

  2. Yeah, FB often combines several of my wp articles together, which I do NOT like, so on important stuff, I will post again on FB.


  3. FB – more of hate than love relationship. Has it’s use but… blogs seem more timely. I just gotta find them… and them remember them. lol

  4. Actually… at this point… I just hit “b”.
    And I have no doubt I’ll remember yours.
    I’m hoping that when that is no longer the case, that it means the fire has been contained for a while… and that I’m taking care of business.
    But there are some pages on the right that look interesting, and much more “fun” than the fire I’m sure!
    Stay safe!

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