Soberanes Fire, Day 39, 8/29/16

7:30 PM – Contrary to rumor, there is NOT a mandatory evac of Partington Ridge, per a resident there.

7:00 pm – I have been meaning to write of what I witnessed yesterday. About 11 am, we drove by a staging of many fire trucks at approximately MM 41.6 or so. When we came home after 5 pm, the area was empty, with only cones and tape out. I heard later that they had staged up Partington Ridge, and this morning’s “structure protection” map for Partington confirmed this. The IMT has been preparing for this, given the predicted winds, so none of this is a surprise.

7:00 pm – per Keith Vandevere: “Fire is very likely in Pick Creek now. As of 1:30, the MODIS satellites had active fire from Logwood Ridge all along the edge of the Pick Creek drainage nearly to South Fork Camp. It will have to burn across the Pick Creek drainage before challenging the line on the Coast Ridge, but it may be in the process of doing that.”

6 pm – many of us have been watching a plume all afternoon. Right now, it is quite winded sitting over or behind Partington Ridge. Here is a photo taken earlier showing behind Partington Ridge by Lyndall Demere. It is also East of Partington Cove. What I don’t like in this photo is the “Orange glow” within the column, which indicates to me active fire.


Noon – recent fires history map (looks to only cover the 1999 Kirk Hare, 2008 Basin, and 2013 Pfeiffer, but interesting none-the-less.


And … The Soberanes and Chimney Fires are another mile closer together…


6 am – Here are today’s maps:


Topo Map Link to PDF


So Ops Map Link to PDF

And here are a couple new ones – Structure Protection Maps (5 of them, total, but only including the first 3 today, will add the last 2 tomorrow) for various areas:



Partington Structure Protection Map in PDF



Highway 1 Structure Protection, map 1, Link to PDF


Highway One Structure Protection, map 2, link to PDF

Here are the weather and fire predictions for today:













7 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire, Day 39, 8/29/16

  1. I don’t know, Denise, but this is the first time I found them. Maybe I missed them before, but I doubt it as they struck me as extremely important info to have.


  2. Heard just now that Partington might be under mandatory evacuation, and that the fire crossed the Coast Ridge Road and was coming down the canyon, does anyone have any more information about.

    My folks (Eby and Sam) have their house on Partington for the last 40+ years and are now living in Carmel, but family was checking the house today. Lots of Helicopter action up and down the canyon.

    Please share any additional news.

    Thanks so much to BigSurKate and the broader community for the flow of information

    Our thoughts continue to be with you.

    Saul Wold

  3. BSK:

    Definitely see a lot of smoke buildup in the skies spread beyond Cachagua/Tassajara from West to East. Even heard some helicopter activity around 19:50 hour- first to hear one, so late in the evening since the fire began.

    Outstanding fire history map incident color & scope contrast- thanks for adding it.

  4. Kate, Thanks for the update, it’s possible the person checking the house miss-read the notices. It gave my folks a scare, I will pass the word.


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