Spring Break

Monday Morning Plaskett Campground was full … Already. The over flow was creeping up Plaskett. By the weekend most flat spots will be filled. Before they are I got some more spring flowers. On Friday, they were almost all gone! I suspect that will change by this afternoon, when I head back home.

Douglas Iris

Ceanothus, blue and white on my property.

Western Columbine

Owl’s clover.

Tomorrow, I have another post ready to go, of shots taken on a back road I love to travel a couple times a year.

3 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. Wow. Part of the beauty of the wildflower is surely its surprise appearance in unexpected and frequently impossible places. All your photographs are stunning, thanks Kate. The western columbine’s a favorite of mine. Grigg’s Nursery, for anyone with a chance to go and lucky for me only a couple of hundred feet away, has rows of spectacular mature columbine for sale, along with groups of the most unusual plants ever imagined. It’s like a field day at a botanical garden. It’s well, like Big Sur, but cloistered.

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