Pitkin’s Bridge & Rain Rocks Shed

Here is a photo of the entire project by CalTrans resident Engineer, Charlie Hench


Fascinating to one who has lived with this crazy combo of slides for 24 years. The slide at Pitkin’s Curve is dirt, and will go UNDER the bridge. The one at Rain Rocks is … Well, rocks. It will go on top and over the shed.

Watershed Council Meeting

Next Big Sur River Watershed Planning Meeting is March 28th!

The next meeting to discuss the Big Sur Watershed Management Plan is set for Thursday March 28th from 3 to 5 pm at the Big Sur Station MAF conference room. The group has been meeting every other month since last September to discuss the preparation of a plan that will look at the health of the watershed. If you live in and/or work in the Big Sur River watershed, or use water from the Big Sur River, your participation is extremely valuable. The focus of this meeting will be to discuss factors, which may be limiting the steelhead population; we will also start to gather historical knowledge about how the Big Sur River has changed over time. If you have family stories or pictures that show the river or activities on the river, please let us know or bring them along.

Development of the plan is being coordinated by the Resource Conservation District of Monterey County with assistance from the Garrapata Watershed Council. For more information, please call Ken Ekelund at (831) 625-9621.