Pitkin’s Bridge & Rain Rocks Shed

Here is a photo of the entire project by CalTrans resident Engineer, Charlie Hench


Fascinating to one who has lived with this crazy combo of slides for 24 years. The slide at Pitkin’s Curve is dirt, and will go UNDER the bridge. The one at Rain Rocks is … Well, rocks. It will go on top and over the shed.

8 thoughts on “Pitkin’s Bridge & Rain Rocks Shed

  1. That’s so totally amazing, thanks Kate. It’s all so beautiful! Very clever arranging the under and over falling stuff. The tunnel looks like a fortress. In fact I’m wondering how fast some enterprising travelers will set up camp in there or have to be shooed off the top.

  2. I will have a hard time recognizing MY coast when I get out there for a visit! What an amazing thing. I wonder if there’s anything like this anywhere else.

  3. Yes, the Parthenon, dedicated to the Goddess Athena, goddess of war and hearth, and patron Goddess of the Women’s Army Corps. I was in the WACs, and also on the design committee … Purely coincidence, as the open columns were established so as not to block the view to the ocean. But it is turning out more beautiful then I envisioned!

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  4. We have hundreds of rock shelters over highways here in Switzerland. They are also common in Austria, France, Germany and Italy. What is a bit curious is why the shed apparently has a flat roof. The ones here are usually embedded or against the mountain surface and are slanted so the shed doesn’t take the full impact of the falling material and the rocks etc. roll off of it.

  5. Sterling, it is not finished, yet, and I have been watching them build into the hillside, now that we are traveling thru the shed, rather than between it and the hillside. It is being built up higher on the hillside side, so I suspect it will be slanted when completed. There is still about 5-6 months left on the project. Patience, young grasshopper. 😉

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

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