11 thoughts on “Back Road Travels

  1. good job Kate, keep it under the radar. all I can say is I’d love to buy this property!

  2. Looks Like , Spring has sprung , can you also get a pic of Blue Eyed Grass and medow Daiseys ?

  3. I haven’t seen any blue-eyed grass, yet. Don’t know meadow daisies, unless you mean butter cups? Or dandelions?

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  4. Am enjoying all your recent pics. Great stuff, thanks.
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  5. We have blue eyed grass just south of SLO town. It will get to you folks before we do. If I win the lotto, Kate better share the location.

  6. kate if you get down to morro bay, the southbound South Bay Blvd offramp shoulder has an amazing display of BEG and a “chocolate lily” (?); which is also showing along the trail to the upper campbround at San Simeon STPK.

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