2013 Fire Season

You might notice, I have changed out the weather links for fire season links. It may be early, as there is the possibility of rain coming, but considering a Red Flag warning was issued for today in the east Bay hills, and Cal Fire is reporting 600 wildfires so far this season, when 200 is normal, I thought we should all be paying attention. Last time I checked the weather, it was reported that there was the possibility of thunder for the upcoming storm, and if one remembers, the Basin Fire was started on 6/21/08 by lightning.

4 thoughts on “2013 Fire Season

  1. Think wet, afternoon rains through the summer for one hour starting 2 pm, and our flora bunda at every turn worthy of worship and love. Happy May Day. Here comes summer.

  2. Historic lack of rainfall over the last 3 months on the central coast. Thanks for raising awareness regarding fire danger Kate !

  3. Yes, with fires raging in both northern and Southern California today, and the Summit Fire in Banning taking out homes, we must pay close attention. the extreme winds and high temps are going to make this one hard to fight today. We have to be ready. It is only May 2nd!

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

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