10 thoughts on “My Fairy Woods

  1. The misty mornings are part of my favorite memories of Big Sur. These are lovely images to stir those memories.

  2. Stunning, Kate, you live in such great beauty. I love the included road most of all, that compelling come hither the forests use to beguile, say head this way, climb that rock, take this rabbit hole.
    I spent a lot of time looking at and doing pen and inks of the woods here, and earlier in the Blue Ridge. The fogs are entirely different colors. Here they’re ocean mist-rich going to blue. In Virginia they were green.

  3. Very beautiful place! I’d like to know how Missy the dog is doing please. Thanks.

  4. Anyone else see the fairy face? Right in the middle of 2nd photo.

  5. Once one sees the face in the second, zoomed in shot, one can see the fairy face in the top shot. She is in both.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

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