Structure Fire in Cambria & Wildfire SE of King City

See update from the Cambrian in the comments below.
(Blue Whale Inn and not attic, as originally thought. But utility closet)

A fire in the attic of the Cambria Inn on Moonstone Beach was contained by Cal Fire in the last hour (3:30 pm).

A wildfire off 198 SE Of King City was attacked at the same time with SLO sending two engines and a dozer as well as air attack to assist Monterey County. As of 3:30 pm, Forward rate has stopped at 80 acres 60% contained.

With these soaring temps being so widespread, fires are bound to be a problem on the Cental Coast and elsewhere in the state.

3 thoughts on “Structure Fire in Cambria & Wildfire SE of King City

  1. Let’s engage the magic of Big Sur as one voice, and simply insist that there will be no, none, zero fires on the Central Coast this summer. Then when that’s all in place, move on to the state. After which there’s the continent, and the planet. Then sun spots. So much to do, so little time. We are so large.

  2. I like this Barbara, my password for the Summer is firefree7 and I am sticking to it, can now get on your band wagon of creating a larger base for all of CA and then some. Thanks for always keeping us abreast Kate, it was 100 in the Big Sur Valley today and yesterday, this is when I am happy I live amongst the redwoods. Stay cool Big Sur and everyone here.

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