Happy Labor Day sprinkles

I am happy to report that we had sprinkles from the Big Sur Valley to the South Coast last night/this morning. We also have a lot of clouds down here, and I see rain out over the ocean I also have sunshine sparkling in places.

I have been informed that the highway is a nightmare, and if it is also wet, it is slippery with 8 months of oily build-up, so be safe this Labor Day.

10 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day sprinkles

  1. Sprinkles here this am/Pfeiffer Ridge

    Traffic. Had to do town run yesterday. North around 1pm was easy only 5 minutes more than usual (traffic coming south at that time was 20-30 mph… MAYBE…. and miles of backup north of construction light.)

    Coming home was also easy/same timing around 6pm but traffic going north was backed up/crawling WAY out of the Highlands to Rio Road. Also hurricane point going N over construction traffic was backed up from hurricane point to the light!

    UNBELIEVABLE but going (the wrong/right way) we did just fine! Travel counter to expected flow!

  2. LOL, no problem. Debbie did comment of yesterday’s blog post that she got sprinkles in Big Sur Valley this am.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  3. No rain in Cambria & none that I could see on the road North. Traffic pretty much got over for me so made the drive to Big Sur in an hour and a half – not bad!

  4. Highway 1 from San Juan Bautista area to Monterey was like a parking lot yesterday. Was there an event going on in Monterey other than Labor Day weekend?

  5. No rain up here on the Oregon Coast…. I suppose I ought to consider myself lucky we don’t have the traffic problems, at least at the southern end of the coast. The northern stretch likely gets more jams from the Portland area.

  6. I had to deliver my fish up to the Bay Area on Saturday, town run Sunday, and I saw just how crazy the traffic was. At just about every turnout, especially Julia Pfeiffer Burns, it was gridlock, because hundreds of camera-bearing tourists were wandering and surging all across the highway in masses, taking pictures of everything. As I gradually waded through the throngs in my truck, I could hear excited conversations in so many different languages. After driving last week from Idaho, and choking on the intense smoke in Reno, and over the summit, I could speculate on the horrendous smoke conditions in Yosemite, and the rest of the Sierras, were driving thousands of international visitors away, to other California sightseeing venues, where there was less smoke…and Big Sur was obviously the top choice!

  7. Dave, I hadn’t thought about how the fires and smoke would impact our tourism. Given the unhealthy quality of the air in Reno, Tahoe, and Yosemite, as well as closures near and in Yosemite, we shouldn’t be surprised our Labor Day traffic was a monster!

    As always, thanks for the prospective!

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  8. As you know we rent our guest house occasionally. We have received MANY calls (20+??? probably many more) in the last few days from folks fleeing from their planned Yosemite vacation and on their way to Big Sur. Couldn’t help them though as we give friends and family always absolute priority on the guest house (as personal guests/not paying of course) and we had (as is common) some of those this week end… in this case with one of John’s brothers. People calling though said the smoke was terrible and they were desperate trying to salvage their summer holiday.

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