Ft Ord Controlled burn jumps containment line

The bottom two descriptions and photos are reversed and I’ve tried to correct them several times. WP set it up this way, and doesn’t want me messin’ with it. Sheesh! The last one, is by Kelly OBrien from York School. The second-to-last one is by Pearl.

Also, two flare ups last night at 9:00 pm and again at 11:30 pm. I think things are fine today, but if not, I’ll let my readers know.



2:10 pm – per eyewitness Kelly O’Brien, KUSP, it is now under control. Was a little exciting there for a minute. Above photos by Kelly.

At approximately 1:25 pm, the controlled 72 acre burn jumped its containment line. York School evacuated. More in a minute. Gotta make a call.

This is the York School Boundary Road, from York School, photo by Kelly O’Brien, KUSP.

Photo below by Pearl.


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