Santa Lucia Weather Report

It was 10:30 at night. I turned off the TV in preparation for bed, and heard some unusual sounds. I looked at the windows – nothing. I got up and l looked out the front door – rain. I checked my weather station – 38 degrees with wind chill down to 33. Inside, I let the fire die down, as it was over 80.

All together, I got .44″ of the life-source, but no snow. Winds got up to 42 mph. At 9:30 am, it is 33 outside, wind chill bringing it down to 27. Blue skies peek through the clouds. The road is muddy and slick, and trees are probably down due to the winds. I have our yearly ladies holiday luncheon, but with road conditions, doesn’t look like I’ll risk it.

4 thoughts on “Santa Lucia Weather Report

  1. We missed you, Kate, but wouldn’t want you to take any chances. There will always be another time. Stay warm.

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