A quiet Sunday

It is a quiet Sunday morning, quite chilly. Would love to have a fire … Keep waiting for the rains. I am enjoying the peace and quiet of my particular spot on this planet. Each and every day I am astounded at my fortune in being able to sur-vive and thrive up here alone with my dogs and the rest of Mother Nature. It is not an easy life, but it is a blessed one!

One of my friends asked me yesterday why I wasn’t blogging about all the little fund-raisers going on for the victims of the Pfeiffer Fire. I had to think about it and ask myself if I was doing this, and if so, why? What I decided is that the fire took a lot out of all of us, including me. I was so very overwhelmed that I have been taking a bit of a break. I have been asked to promote this thing, or that, to notify sur-vivors of this meeting, this agency’s assistance, and what-not. The bigger this blog gets, the more people contact me with requests. So much, almost too much, after all. I rarely just post what I am asked to. I like to research it. Have I or someone I trust gone to this meeting, participated in this organization, etc. Who is this person, agency, organization that is making this request? Why are they wanting me to promote/post/support them, their agency, their organization? Will the majority of my readers be interested, or is this targeted for a very narrow sub-audience? There is a lot that goes on with some posts before they are made public.

The work that goes on behind the blog, so-to-speak, is usually not visible, but it does take time. It is what I need to do to make sure the information I post is accurate, truthful, helpful, and worthy of our time – mine and yours. Fortunately I retired in 2012, so have more time to devote to this entity we created. Some posts, like my Photo Fridays, I am able to arrange before hand, and the only work it requires is getting my Internet to cooperate enough to get the photos up loaded. Sometimes, even with all that time, there are other things I want or need to do. This morning it is coffee in bed in the quiet of my morning, cuddled up under my down comforter with one or more dogs by my side.

Have a great week! If you are attending the Fungus Face-off this coming Saturday at Ventana for the annual Foragers Festival to benefit our Health Center, look for me. I’ll be in my trademark hat!