Found Terrier-mix puppy

UPDATE – what an awesome place we live in! Only moments after I first posted this, we got a comment with a lead on the owner, and now, only hours later, Biggie has been identified as Sammie, and the owner is off to SLO on Tuesday to bring him home. Thank you ALL for taking care of each other – including our pets!

Last weekend, a traveler in our midst, from SLO, found a terrier-mix puppy running down the middle of the road on the northern end of Big Sur. she has this to say:

Hey Kate!

I found “Biggie” as I’ve been calling him at the north most end of Big Sur running down the middle of HWY 1. He is a tan wiry furred terrier with a black nose, small, about 15lbs or less and adorable. He was super scared but also very sweet and came to me when I stopped, but was skittish about being picked up. He’s never been aggressive though always loving. He is also intact. He had a brand new black color with white dog bones on it, but now tags :[ I did take him to the vet to be scanned but no microchip was found…he is a pup. 1 year max. Missy is beautiful you’re lucky! This little guy is adorable and I would love to be his owner but with school and classes I don’t have time to give him the attention and training he needs. And him not being neutered has made potty training difficult as he want to mark everything in the house…Here are some pictures of him:

I believe he’s some sort of terrier and chihuahua or dachshund mix. Possibly Cairn Terrier…I found him last Sun the 19th!

Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it. I know he would love to find his owners and if not that, his forever home.

Roxy Smith
Cell – 310-245-1227
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I have several really cute photos Roxy sent, I finally got them uploaded.