Fungus Face-off

I have a confession … I am not fond of fungus, but I tasted some offerings that were amazing. Who would have thought fungus could be such an incredible Macaroon? (Ventana) or boar served on baquette (Ripplewood) or Carnitas-mushroom soup (Roadhouse) to mention but three. Everything was spectacular and I am already salivating for next year. Ventana did the superb job one would expect from such an establishment.



5 thoughts on “Fungus Face-off

  1. Too dry but oh what weather. Daffodils are blooming in my yard, multitudinous pink blossoms on some kind of tree nearby. Edible fungus sounds good, too. Time to forget turmoil. xxoo

  2. Ok Guys , soooo what does a Truffle “room” taste like ??? Wasn’t it Jeff Norman , who thought about growing them at his place under the Oak trees ?

  3. We participated in all three events on Saturday. The walk was fun even without finding too much in the way of fungi. Afternoon tasting and auction so much fun and the dinner was beyond description. Such good food. Going to be eating nothing but lettuce this week. Definitely on the calendar for next year.

  4. I considered going, but our lack of rain, and therefore lack of finding fungus, made me think another year may offer a better bang for the buck. If I recall correctly, the events were not cheap, especially in combination. Glad to hear it was tasty.

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