2 thoughts on “Firefighting class

  1. Within my first month of moving from Brooklyn to Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, a fire started on the neighboring hillside heading for me and my cats and paintings with thick black air. I had no idea what to do. In NYC the average response time is less than three minutes. I don’t think I ever worried about fires in NY. This was different. I upped. What I learned was invaluable, despite my earliest assignments of folding miles of hoses, traffic control at car crashes or quelling the squirrel nests ablaze in tree tops from drunken hunter campsites. (“Oh. Squirrel nest fire. Sparhawk can handle that). I recommend it to all. You learn so much and feel so much more competant. Earning trust and praise of your fellows takes a bit longer.

  2. Oh, Barbara … Only you have such amazing stories! Squirrel nests – even I might be a le to handle that … Maybe … If not, I’ll call you in!

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

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