Rain Reports on Super Bowl Sunday

10:15 am – snow being reported by a neighbor on the other side of the ridge north of me. WOW! None here, but up to .25″ of glorious wet stuff!

8:15 am – it started here! Real, honest-to-goodness rain! Couldn’t be happier!

At 8:00 am, rain is being reported from Elkhorn Slough to Ventana. None here yet, but it is dark, damp, and stormy. Now, if it was just night we would have a literary clique. All 5 dogs went outside at 7 am, but now, they are happy to be inside. Have only 33 degrees with wind chill factored in. This am’s weather report from NOAA says we could get up to 5″ of snow in the higher elevations of the Santa Lucia Mountains. I am not expected to experience any. Also, thunderstorms are very possible this afternoon. Could be a very fun day!