Storm #1, 3/31/14


9:30 pm – rain picked up considerably. It’s from that lower storm on radar shot tweeted by NWS. Currently .83″

Another two hours, i.e. 6:15 pm, and my rain gauge informs me that I have gotten .72″ for the storm, thus far. Currently 36 degrees and the snow forecast symbol is showing! Be interesting to see if that is accurate!

With 5 dogs going out to pee several times a day, in the rain, that’s 20 muddy paws each time, one can only imagine what my hardwood floor looks like. I’m going to build them their own mud room with mud-colored painted plywood floors. All sealed nice and proper.

Wow, the sun is trying to peek through, and we might just get a glimpse for sunset.


Two hours later, my gauge says it is raining cats ‘n dogs. 2.47″/hour in lay terms. In two hours we actually received .63″ – I had to go out in it to get one of my dogs to come in. He was hiding underneath the deck. Silly dog. Didn’t want to come out into the rain.

2:15 – the barometer is dropping rapidly, the rain has begun, and the temp, which started at 42 at dawn, and got up to a whopping 43, is now dropping, and with the wind chill is at 37. I started my fire also at dawn, and thus, have kept it into the 70’s inside. Looking forward to hunkering down in front of the fire for the rest of the afternoon with a nice, brainless mystery. Enjoy, Nd keep us posted about what is going on in your neck of the Central Coast.

This was last night’s radar.


Upcoming Stormy Weather, 3/31/14

We’ve got another nice storm coming in tomorrow (Monday) afternoon/evening. This is what the NWS is predicting for Monday – Wednesday


They are also predicting thunder and lightning on Tuesday, as well as possible snow down to about 3,000 ft. Tomorrow night.

Got the 3rd part of the Don Harlan series coming up first thing tomorrow morning, so, will start storm coverage and road conditions late afternoon or evening. >

Rain, 3/29/14

Final rain total for storm – .73″ – not bad. Hopefully, even more from the next storm.


9:00 pm – .36″ thus far for the storm; a dismal 3.99″ for March, and 13.24 for the season. Horrible totals. The only good news is that the barometer is slowly falling, so maybe we can expect more tonight, AND, there are 2 more storms on tap for this upcoming week.

7:00 pm – up to 1/4″ from the last two hours, let’s hope it continues! But save some for Cambria, which needs it for more than I do!

5:00 pm – I have been watching FB reports from friends from the Peninsula on down through the Big Sur Valley area to the Hermitage reporting on rain start times. I kept wondering when it would get to me. It usually only takes 1-2 hours after hitting Monterey, depending on how fast moving it is. Tonight, it got to my mountain just at 5 pm, or almost 4 hours after Big Sur saw her first drops. Slow moving storm, clearly. It is just a light rain at this point, but all is wet, and I fed the cats on the wood box under the eves so they and their food could stay dry. I’ll keep an eye on the road and other conditions. If you hear thunder, add a comment with time and place, if you can.

BTW, the last storm I received .78″ of rain, nice. A lot more than most, even my neighbors on Alms Ridge, who only saw .5″. Let’s hope we get a similar amount from this one.

Best of the Rest of Big Sur

Okay, I finally got around to reading the Best of Monterey County issue of the MC Weekly and ran across The Best Bartender (Ira Comello) and knew I had to do this post. I noted a number of other wonderful contributions to what makes this county, and Big Sur, unique. I’d like to pay tribute to them

First, has to be the iconic gateway.


But the one that caught my eye, was Best Bartender – Ira ComelloWhile not living here at the moment, he grew up here, his dad lives here, he graduated from Pacific Valley School, AND I taught him in High School!








Rain totals, 3/25-3/26/2014

11:00 am – going nicely, now. Up to .30″ for the storm, and about .15″/hour rate at the moment. More than was predicted, at least up here. It has hovered between 41-42 degrees all day, so nice fire going.

8:00 am – nice gentle rain going on, now, added another .4″ so far.

7:00am – Only .21″ but I’ll take it! We MIGHT get a few more sprinkles today, but a better chance is coming on Saturday.

Having significant difficulties with internet and blog postings. I have a number of posts set to automatically post, like Friday’s Photos, and straightened everything out this am, I think. None of my pending posts were showing up, the last few days, in fact, my wordpress software was showing I’ve never posted a single thing! S-u-r-e. Looking at ads for satellite internet and tv. I’m kinda fed up with this.