Storm #1, 3/31/14


9:30 pm – rain picked up considerably. It’s from that lower storm on radar shot tweeted by NWS. Currently .83″

Another two hours, i.e. 6:15 pm, and my rain gauge informs me that I have gotten .72″ for the storm, thus far. Currently 36 degrees and the snow forecast symbol is showing! Be interesting to see if that is accurate!

With 5 dogs going out to pee several times a day, in the rain, that’s 20 muddy paws each time, one can only imagine what my hardwood floor looks like. I’m going to build them their own mud room with mud-colored painted plywood floors. All sealed nice and proper.

Wow, the sun is trying to peek through, and we might just get a glimpse for sunset.


Two hours later, my gauge says it is raining cats ‘n dogs. 2.47″/hour in lay terms. In two hours we actually received .63″ – I had to go out in it to get one of my dogs to come in. He was hiding underneath the deck. Silly dog. Didn’t want to come out into the rain.

2:15 – the barometer is dropping rapidly, the rain has begun, and the temp, which started at 42 at dawn, and got up to a whopping 43, is now dropping, and with the wind chill is at 37. I started my fire also at dawn, and thus, have kept it into the 70’s inside. Looking forward to hunkering down in front of the fire for the rest of the afternoon with a nice, brainless mystery. Enjoy, Nd keep us posted about what is going on in your neck of the Central Coast.

This was last night’s radar.


10 thoughts on “Storm #1, 3/31/14

  1. It is just beginning to taper down here in Santa Cruz. We had red and yellows on the radar for the last hour or so. TWC site indicates 1/3 inch so far but I bet we got 1/2″ or more in the last hour. Unfortunately the radar does not show the heavier stuff reaching you down there.

  2. Temps here have dropped significantly in the last hour or so. It started to lightly rain about 45 mins ago, with periods of heavy downpours, but only lasting a few minutes. There is still a pretty constant amount coming down at the moment. My estimation is that I am getting near 1/2″ since it started raining.

  3. From north of the border….. we’ve had a delightful mix of sun, rain, clouds and seemingly everything in between. Loving it!

  4. CV reporting in…good heavy downpour, scant wind though I battened hatches….temp warm, feels like 60. Mid-Valley electric went out three times after noon, about 1 minute hits then back but oohlala the computers! Gas station credit cards, Safeway credit and registers, ATMs…ALL no go and long reboot. They did get it back, all, but keenly reminded about sound alarmist thinking, keep cash on hand. When it gets as far as your hand anyway. Stay warm Kate. Picturing reservoirs to overflow.

  5. Following your site for the latest on snow over Cone Peak! Hoping the models are right and this will be a big dump on the mountain and even some snow down to 3,000 ft.

  6. Still heavy rain in Cambria ..real rain this time no showers. So far litle wind and with shallow rooted 100 ft tall montery pines surrounding my house wind is the enemy. Hmm ..your 70 degree cosy cabin sounds delightful. What do couples fight about alot. My guess is car and house warmth. My husband is fixated on 65 degrees. I accommodate him by wearing a down vest and space heaters in any room I occupy alone. After 40 years of marriage I learned to compromise .

  7. Rain here in the western Adelaida area near the Monterey/SLO counties’ DMZ (Ha! Jets, choppers, paratroop planes galore) now totals, at 1848 hrs,1.1 inches.

  8. And no serious wind up here, Mahala. At least this will keep your yard alive for a few weeks, eh? And maybe the non-potable water supplier’s well will be replenished.


  9. Here at PV School we got about .55 inches on our newly-functioning rain gauge. Gettin’ cold as the dickens, now.

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