Rain totals, 3/25-3/26/2014

11:00 am – going nicely, now. Up to .30″ for the storm, and about .15″/hour rate at the moment. More than was predicted, at least up here. It has hovered between 41-42 degrees all day, so nice fire going.

8:00 am – nice gentle rain going on, now, added another .4″ so far.

7:00am – Only .21″ but I’ll take it! We MIGHT get a few more sprinkles today, but a better chance is coming on Saturday.

Having significant difficulties with internet and blog postings. I have a number of posts set to automatically post, like Friday’s Photos, and straightened everything out this am, I think. None of my pending posts were showing up, the last few days, in fact, my wordpress software was showing I’ve never posted a single thing! S-u-r-e. Looking at ads for satellite internet and tv. I’m kinda fed up with this.

~ by bigsurkate on March 26, 2014.

3 Responses to “Rain totals, 3/25-3/26/2014”

  1. Hi Kate, you ever think about getting Wild Blue for internet . Ive had it for a few years now. It has been really good (60. a month) Just saying…


  2. Looking into Excede or Wild Blue. I wasn’t happy with Hughes Net when I had it.



  3. Pretty wet in Elkhorn this AM.


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