Rain, 3/29/14

Final rain total for storm – .73″ – not bad. Hopefully, even more from the next storm.


9:00 pm – .36″ thus far for the storm; a dismal 3.99″ for March, and 13.24 for the season. Horrible totals. The only good news is that the barometer is slowly falling, so maybe we can expect more tonight, AND, there are 2 more storms on tap for this upcoming week.

7:00 pm – up to 1/4″ from the last two hours, let’s hope it continues! But save some for Cambria, which needs it for more than I do!

5:00 pm – I have been watching FB reports from friends from the Peninsula on down through the Big Sur Valley area to the Hermitage reporting on rain start times. I kept wondering when it would get to me. It usually only takes 1-2 hours after hitting Monterey, depending on how fast moving it is. Tonight, it got to my mountain just at 5 pm, or almost 4 hours after Big Sur saw her first drops. Slow moving storm, clearly. It is just a light rain at this point, but all is wet, and I fed the cats on the wood box under the eves so they and their food could stay dry. I’ll keep an eye on the road and other conditions. If you hear thunder, add a comment with time and place, if you can.

BTW, the last storm I received .78″ of rain, nice. A lot more than most, even my neighbors on Alms Ridge, who only saw .5″. Let’s hope we get a similar amount from this one.

5 thoughts on “Rain, 3/29/14

  1. Thx..sitting in Cambria checking the hi def radar every 15 minutes I thought maybe it would move inland before reaching us but looks like its on its way. We are on 50 gallons per person per day rationing and no outside irrigation unless non potable water and our non potable supplier has his wells going dry in 2 weeks.
    Not complaining I know some people live on a few gallons per day but we are losing one out of four monterey pines. Dead pines everywhere.

  2. Over here, just on one of the creeks that feed into Lake Nacimiento from the south, I am waiting. It’s getting darker, needle on the barometer is dropping, Letty (wife) repaired the rain collection system on the barn, nearly empty 5,000 gallon tank is waiting. Letty cleaned the gutters, the pipe system, and the loose connections. I have an amazing spouse! Meanwhile, I was hauling chipped up oaks as mulch, courtesy of SLO County road crew.

  3. Carmel Valley (5 miles from the coast) is very lush, I don’t know how, we’re not getting rain more often, if anything, less than you report. I’m so sorry about Mahala Burton’s Monterey pines, and the rationing, maybe there’s a farmer’s trick like plastic over roots? or something; hope you and Cambria get the downpour.
    4-ish (wasn’t watching time pieces) a storm moved over us that shipboard would signal an approaching gale: opaque fog closing in, dark skies, winds up. Followed in mere minutes by the lightest sprinkle of rain, a rapidly vanishing of dangerous incoming, and now a jolly kind of spingtime watering for a few hours! Well, I suppose this is totally useless for what may be moving down the coast except that it appears to be saving itself for all of you because it is not exhausting itself here. Bon chance.

  4. Oh, my. I knew it was bad down there, but didn’t realize how bad. Two more storms coming this coming week. Yay! My blessed spring is still putting out 4-500 a day. bigsurkate on iPhone


  5. We have managed to get the rain gauge at our school working again this weekend , just in time to register this storm. (I took the darn thing apart, gave it the WD-40 treatment, and put it back together again, which seemed to be successful). And last night’s rainfall registered .86″ of blessed water. There were some heavy downpours which woke me up after midnight. NWS has a Hazardous Weather Outlook posted for the next storm which is slated for tomorrow and Tuesday. It is advertised as a very powerful storm, with thunderstorms, and periods of heavy rain on the menu…just what we need! …And some snow on Cone Peak for dessert.

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