Rain Reports on Super Bowl Sunday

10:15 am – snow being reported by a neighbor on the other side of the ridge north of me. WOW! None here, but up to .25″ of glorious wet stuff!

8:15 am – it started here! Real, honest-to-goodness rain! Couldn’t be happier!

At 8:00 am, rain is being reported from Elkhorn Slough to Ventana. None here yet, but it is dark, damp, and stormy. Now, if it was just night we would have a literary clique. All 5 dogs went outside at 7 am, but now, they are happy to be inside. Have only 33 degrees with wind chill factored in. This am’s weather report from NOAA says we could get up to 5″ of snow in the higher elevations of the Santa Lucia Mountains. I am not expected to experience any. Also, thunderstorms are very possible this afternoon. Could be a very fun day!

9 thoughts on “Rain Reports on Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Raining, not so cold, in mid-valley from earlier, maybe around dawn’s start up drizzle, light, sweet, and filling me with hope. A sprinkling just now continues. Hoorah wet lands. I’m thinking it will head your way, too.

  2. Seems rain started pretty uniformly up and down the 72 miles of Big Sur Coast around 8 am! Yippee!

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  3. Snow on Mt Hamilton, a good dusting too. Steady rain here on the Monterey Peninsula, some heavy showers embedded within. The ground is soaking it up! Enjoy Kate!

  4. Drove today, up to Oakland to deliver fish. It was raining HARD most of the way. Returning through Carmel, it was a downpour. Same in Big Sur Valley. Got to the school around 7:30pm. Everything was wet and muddy, with many fallen branches and leaves…evidence of a heck of a storm earlier. And all the phone lines to the school are experiencing a total outage.

  5. My rain gauge at home in Cambria had 1 whole inch by 11pm. The 11pm news reported only .25 of an inch in Cambria. I live on a hilltop, and the official gauge in Cambria is near the mouth of Santa Rosa Creek, at the bottom of Park Hill. I guess the orographic effect delivered more water to my home than to the sea level mouth of the creek.

  6. And yet, I got less than the Paso airport, which reported 1.1″! Just spotty, I guess.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

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