Canine Distemper & Vacinations


Dr. Kocher, of Oceanview Pet Hospital, has generously offered to come to Big Sur
(see below) to vaccinate pets who may be exposed to canine distemper.
Please contact me if you’re interest.
Dick Whittington

From Dr. Kocher of Oceanview:

Thanks for the information. Where you live, I highly recommend vaccinations against distemper parvo lepto lymes disease rattlesnake hepatitis . Furthermore, I recommend annual blood testing and preventative medicine for heartworms. Vaccination and preventative medicine in general are the least expensive, least uncomfortable form of medicine. If you wish, I could arrange to come to a place like the grange and hold a vaccination clinic. There would be a charge for this service but it would be far more convenient that traveling to town.

From: Heidi

Friends, we’re noting dead foxes up here on the ridge, and the Monterey SPCA is reporting some too, which they believe are killed by canine distemper (still being tested), so I hope your loved ones have their distemper shots!

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  1. That is a good question. Would probably have to call the vet to get a definitive answer. If you do, want to post it here?

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