Storm Report, 3/2/14

5:30 pm – going to be a gorgeous sunset, as we just got some sun up here. Unfortunately, my camera is in the car.

3:00 pm – 1.45″ every 1/2″ is music, gratefully welcomed. I do have to admit that the dogs and I are getting a tad stir crazy, though. Four solid days without a break of any duration.

Noon – slow and steady she goes. 1.26″ in the last 12 hours.

7:00 am – its raining.

Okay, looks like a pretty steady, gentler rain than we have had thus far. Despite that, gauges still made it to .48″ since midnight. Dogs have been out, all in but one, fire going, time for coffee!

2 thoughts on “Storm Report, 3/2/14

  1. You always are so picturesque.
    Carmel Valley is going slow to full stop overnight, looks like more coming any minute though. If my umbrella wasn’t deflecting a torrent from the up the staircase clogged gutter onto my patio and easel, I’d use it to check the river for volume. Which, possibly an illusion, I think I can hear again across the meadow. I’ll find a hat.

  2. Dumped 4.5″ out today here in the BS Valley. My rain coat is in the dryer until next time around. We’ll see. Ducks are loving it on the river. Quack to you all from here.

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