South Coast Fuel Reduction Project




Dear Big Sur Friends and Neighbors:

December’s Pfeiffer Ridge fire has reminded us again how devastating a wildfire can be in the wild land-urban interface in which we all live. Two years ago the Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade applied for and was granted, through the Monterey Fire Safe Council a US Forest Service grant of $178,000. This money was used to create defensible space along strategic roadways, driveways, on ridge tops and along slopes in order to reduce future fire danger and make your homes more accessible to fire equipment and personnel in the event of a fire. We have completed the fuel reduction work associated with this grant. As a result, the roads and private properties benefitting from this project are now safer.

This grant was made possible by matching in-kind contributions from the following:

The Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade, the New Camaldoli Hermitage, Lucia Lodge,​Treebones Resort, Gorda,​Big Sur Unified School District, Kate Novoa, Betty Withrow and Cal fire

I would also like to thank Dick Ravich who advised us every step of the way on our grant. Jonathan Pangburn our Forester who obtained the necessary permits and wrote all the prescriptions for the ground work. Pam Peck, who managed our finances and stepped in to help with many of the grant management efforts. And last but not least: Tom Nason of Ventana Engineering our contractor for the project who did a spectacular job for us.

As part of this grant, a public meeting will be held at the Community Center at Pacific Valley School on March 15th to highlight the execution of the grant and what follows in each neighborhood. There will be some presentations and discussions on the grant work; maintenance of the work performed; creating defensible space and what you can do to protect yourself. There will be refreshments served and educational pamphlets for you to take home. We encourage everyone who could be affected by our next wildfire to attend.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 15th,

Sincerely, John Handy

Board Member, Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade

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One Response to “South Coast Fuel Reduction Project”

  1. For me, it was the CDCR Gavilan Crew, led by Embree Mayer who did the road work clearance, and they came right off the Pfeiffer Fire!


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