Spring around the corner

The vernal equinox is Thursday, March 20, at 9:57 am. The signs are beginning at my place!


My rosemary is outta control. Has been for years. Once a year, we take a chain saw to it, and give it a haircut … Not too drastic – the bees love it, and a number of things are beginning to bloom. Remember, I am behind those of you down lower.20140318-000414.jpg
This is my dwarf Myer’s Lemon. It is in a pot, so I can bring it inside for the frost and cold nights.
I’ve had 11 lemons on this little guy. Ive picked 4. Couldn’t be done, one friend told me. Well …


I LOVE Spring. Maybe cuz I was a Spring baby.

~ by bigsurkate on March 18, 2014.

5 Responses to “Spring around the corner”

  1. Hey spring baby, nice going! Your garden is just lovely, that Rosemary is about the most lush I’ve ever seen anywhere. I saw my first lemon blossom ever last week and they are, like yours, exquisite….great delicacy in form and color. Nice to think of you surrounded by all this on your mountaintop.


  2. Hey, I’ve been wondering if I could grow lemons in a pot. Looks like you can. It takes a lot of sun, no? I’ve been tossing all my lemon seeds into a large pot that doesn’t have much in it right now with hopes something might take root. We’ll see.


  3. Wow! Gorgeous pictures – happy for your spring.


  4. Great job on the lemon tree Kate. What a treat with your tea!


  5. These are beautiful, Kate. I look forward to your posting the spring flowers each year. Immediately I think of the song Lemon Tree!


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