Structure Fire at Sea View Ranch

9:30 am – Confirmed, one structure a complete loss. The fire did not spread to the other structures. The solar system caught fire. The resident is employed at Ragged Point, and was only able to get out what was loaded in her truck.

Around 6:00 am this morning, a fire broke out at Sea View Ranch, up above Mud Creek, per Jim Kimball, monitoring the scanner. There was a full response by local and USFS fire engines. At 6:30 am, Cal Trans reported seeing large flames. It is believed that one of the structures on site was fully engaged. There has been little if any radio traffic since 8:00, but that area has poor transmission capabilities. I will report what I can, as information becomes available. Not a good start to the season, and WAY early!

One thought on “Structure Fire at Sea View Ranch

  1. I am so sorry. Praying animals, people, precious posessions as much as could be rescued, were.
    Keep us updated, what help is needed. Too awful.

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