2 thoughts on “Personality One, part 7

  1. What a moving record Don Harlan makes for us all. Judging by his dad’s accomplishments and independent fortitude (Bravo, bravo!!), he may not accept the idea, but can we not start some fund to help with his land taxes? Consider it something for the very first school buildings, long overdue. There may be some hidden dangers to getting declared historical land or buildings, but might that help?
    By God, think what he’s done for the country!

    I am sick to my heart hearing of our farmers and ranchers under assault, and I’m not alone. What about Sam Farr’s political reach. Sounds to me as if the Harlans were founding family.

    Such treasures should not be treated any more casually than the coastal condor, pink sands, jade beaches, fire destruction, or sunrises along this fragile, magical stretch of the Pacific. I will hereby start said fund myself by painting a good portrait of Harlan, Senior, his land and home around him, if you will send photographs for me to work from, and I will also donate the first 10 bucks. Kate?

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