Another Fire on FHL?

5:35 – here you go –
Fort Hunter Liggett — At 1500 hours on Monday, June 30, The Monterey County Fire Academy were conducting training and as a result of a shift in the wind the fire lost containment. The fire initially started in training area west of Stony Valley and has since moved, into Stony Valley. The fire is not contained as of 1630 though it is burning into a previously burnt area where it is expected to be contained. The fire has burned an estimated 1000 Acres. There have been no injuries or damages to structures. The fire did not affect the Cantonment area. Military training has not been affected and no evacuations ordered.

The Nacimiento-Fergusson Road is currently closed.

BTW, the PTB, have named this one the Loop Fire.

5:30 pm – Just got word from a local that travels Nacimiento regularly that there is another fire on FHL. She also indicated that Nacimiento is now closed. I have not confirmed this report, but will be trying to do so in the next hour.

5 thoughts on “Another Fire on FHL?

  1. Is the road on both sides of the summit closed, or just the east side through the fort?

  2. I have yet to read of a control burn that hasn’t burned out of control. It’s as sure a bet as traffic reports from LA: Mattress on the road.
    Hope it gets stopped quickly and safely.

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