Personality One, #15

Wasn’t sure this one, or any subsequent installments were going to make to the blog in a timely manner, but the computer gremlins smiled on me. My digital copy, which is a PDF I keep in my iBooks library, disappeared – along with every other PDF, all books, current and past, and stayed disappeared for almost a week. I couldn’t figure out what happened, where they went, and how I could get them back. My last resort was trying to update my system software from wifi somewhere. I tried, but it didn’t seem to be updating. Despite that, somehow, they all just as mysteriously reappeared.

To prevent any further interruptions, now that we are nearing the end, I took screen shots of all the remaining pages, so now I have it in two places. No worries we will finish Don Harlan’s delightful tale.


2 thoughts on “Personality One, #15

  1. Well, I appreciate the effort it takes to put this together, even though I’m not familiar with all the spots referred to. Love the old time humor.

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