Foto Friday, 7/18

Only one each today, as I have been sans Jeep since Monday. It wouldn’t start up here in no man’s land, and couldn’t get a AAA tow out until today, so trying to upload from home, always iffy with photos.


For Barbara: it is a cheetah, the only large cat that will not attack a human, even if cornered. We were on the Masai Mara Game Preserve. Didn’t get as close to her as we did the lions, maybe 50 feet here. Cheetahs are a little more skittish. When she was finished drinking, she wandered over to the top of a small hill, behind and to the left here, where she could lay down, and watch for prey. We followed at a distance, then left her to hunt, if she was hungry.

6 thoughts on “Foto Friday, 7/18

  1. Surprising contrasts. Big Sur’s grasses look harsh and prickly at the coast, with all that wet air. Africa’s oasis looks so gentle and soft. The skin of our glorious earth, no telling. Goreous cat. Cheetah? Leopard? I wish you’d write a bit about where you were (when the car, etc. are back in hand-best of luck, I’d help if I could) in relation to the spectacular wild animals. Your photographs are breathtaking.

  2. Thanks, Kate! Fifty feet!!!! That’s shorter than most California decks. It’s probably worth looking up the stats but I’d guess a cheetah goes from 0 to 75 in a second or two. I am so impressed.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous shots and I’m so glad you went with doing both sets. They form such a lovely contrast!
    Hope the Jeep is all better now!

  4. It’s clearly a Cheetah. The keys are > general body shape: leaner than a leopard > spots. they are smaller and somehow more regular, if that makes any sense, than a leopard > but the main point is the angular nature of the face, especially around the upper cheekbones. Nice to see there are a few left. (I’ll redo your photo with the (c) in its proper place 😉 )

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