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  1. A lovely picture, although nothing special. It’s like a trillion postcards. May I suggest however that you put your beloved copyright in a corner so as not to destroy the transcendent effect of what you coincidentally saw from your hired Land Rover bus(?) along with the other tourists by placing (c) Bigsurkate right over the top of those magnificent elephants. How rude and egotistical unless of course they gave you permission. Do you really think that although you legally OWN that image that someone might illegally make money off of it? Give me a break, Kate.

    By the way, you published one of my copyrighted photos, the classic one of the birth of the Big Sur Fire Brigade, on this site without my permission or any credit for my work which was magnificently done on a 4″ x 5″ Speed Graphic with Ektachrome in spite of an extremely severe hangover for which I would have sued Nepenthe, Fernwood and River Inn if the results had been less than sublime and most excellent.

  2. And speaking of which, on behalf of the world’s genuine adventurers, let us hope bigsurnation drinks nonstop and steps away from the computer.

  3. Just guessing (my expertise is only as a hunter and trainee professional hunter in Africa in 1966 under John Kingsley-Heath and Frank Miller in the Okavango of Botswana and much of Kenya), but I think the mama elephant under the (c) big sur kate billboard on the left is about a 40 pounder (this referred in the 60s and before to the weight of each ivory tusk – a hundred pounder was the desired macho goal) and her child, a boy I presume because he already has pretty good tusks for his size. Now with the Chinese (mainly the totalitarian government but including the culture) giving “aid” (often better than the western countries who have parasited off the place since whenever they found it there and which are now jealous) which is mostly also extraction of mineral and timber resources (they hate blacks even more than us white ghosts and give not a fucking shit about animals) for their world conquering desire and more support for the killing of the remaining elephants which enables the ivory supply to be smuggled to their carving dens, not to forget those dens’ talent and traditions. Anyway, enough burden on my dear friend’s blog…and best wishes to my African friends that they may exit the maze of criminal corruption (government and corporate and ignorant populace) that pervades our small jewel of a planet. ADVICE: For those wanting to visit Africa and view nature, spend at least a few days in the great city centers and LOOK and take pictures and give some sort of observations before returning to your homes..

  4. Sterling (bigsurnation) yes, I do worry about my African photos getting stolen. I have found my photos in others online photo galleries, being used for a variety of things, and I mind. My photos have been stolen before, both for profit and for personal use. It is impossible to monitor such piracy, so I’ve opted for the copyright notice right on the photo.

    I didn’t think you would mind the use of the Fire Brigade photo, as the Fire Brigade sent it to me. I was just publicizing for our wonderful brigade for a fundraiser. If you want me to delete that blog post, I will be more than happy to do so. Let me know what you wish.

    For my African photos, I try to put them where the photo aesthetics are not compromised, overly, but where it cannot be cropped out without destroying the nature of the photo. I’m sorry it offends you, but that is just the way it is.


  5. Actually, the txt is not right over the majestic elephant, it is over the almost equally majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro. I don’t think he minds. 😉


  6. My eyes don’t detect the stick. Not a telephone pole, or other pole, but probably a dead acacia. BTW, I spent 3 days in Nairobi. Lots of poverty vs. the rich behind walled in Esates that I never could see until we flew over them. Much unrest, but overall, not as bad as Cairo which I witnessed two years ago.

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