Missing female -FOUND

The “lost” female posted in the comments section, which I removed, saying she never was lost, it was simply a miscommunication, and she asked that this post be removed so her name does not come up in a Google search. Rather than remove it, I have removed any identifying information, and the photos, but left the post so that readers will know there was a happy ending to this story. She also stated she kept an eye out for Arvin in her travels.

Stan Russell asked me to post this:

**** was camping alone in the Mill Creek/Nacimiento-Ferguson corridor and has gone missing.

****came to the area on Tuesday, September 16. She was going to the Mill Creek Road area. She had previously camped along Nacimiento-Ferguson Road and has a very worthy vehicle so she could be anywhere along the ridgeline of Prewitt Ridge and beyond. She called her sister from the Pacific Valley Ranger station pay phone on Sunday, September 21 letting her know her phone battery was dead and that she would be back on Tuesday, September 23.

**** Blond hair, blue eyes, 5’3” 135 pounds. Driving a dark gray Toyota Land Cruiser with roof racks, snorkel, and British Columbia, Canada license plates. The steering wheel is on the right hand side (British style).

A missing persons report has been filed with the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department. If you have see *** or know her whereabouts please contact Monterey County Sheriff’s Department at (831) 755-5111.

10 thoughts on “Missing female -FOUND

  1. Kate: Did they report her missing to the PV Ranger Station? I’m asking as that is Duke’s patrol area that you are talking about & he could be on the look out for her, if he’s not already?? Also, we’ve heard this story many times & if they find the vehicle & not her, they need to put tracking dogs on it ASAP!!

  2. I’M FINE! I was never lost or missing, this is all a miscommunication (a dramatically-inclined / hard of hearing family member 🙁 I’m so sorry for your concern, what a waste of worry and resources! I found out about this earlier today and of course I notified sheriffs etc immediately. Please take this post down now, I would prefer this not to come up in google searches on me! Thanks, truly, though! I know it’s dangerous out there… I had my eye out for any sign of Arvin! I feel very blessed that I was able to have an incredible camping/hiking trip and a safe return!

  3. Thanks, Sandy. I would imagine PV Station has been notified, as they were the last sighting. I haven’t heard anything about finding her vehicle. Big country back here, as you know.


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