Tanker Crash

I am sure I have a photo of Tanker 81 out of Hollister from the Chalk Fire on my computer somewhere, but for now, I honor all the wildland firefighters, the family, and friends of all pilots, particularly this one, who risk their lives everyday.


Here is a photo taken just after the crash by Ken Yager, who heard the crash, and snapped this.


5 thoughts on “Tanker Crash

  1. I heard about this yesterday, but little information was available. So very sad, my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
    We are so grateful to those willing to risk their lives to defend others’ homes and lives.

  2. Just heartbreaking. I gasped when I heard the news, these are the bravest of the brave. Let us know if the family needs anything….though I know the extended family of firefighters is huge, protective, and giving. Bless them all.

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