Apple Pie School needs Help

Good Afternoon Mrs. Kate,
My Name is Danella Deorta. I am writing to you for help. Our Apple Pie school here in Big sur has been struggling with budget cuts and are in need of help. I am a local mother of three boys they are no longer in Apple pie but one of them did attend last year. We are trying our best to get the word out. We do not ask for much one or two dollars will go a long way. If possible people are also welcome to bring Breakfast foods down to the Apple pie school themselves. Low in sugar breakfast is what is most needed. 2% milk, cereal, bread, yogurt cottage cheese, string cheese, items like this. Here is a link to our Donation center that I just opened today. We will be donating everything to Apple pie the Second of every month. I am hoping you can help me spread the word. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Danella Deorta

Hello Big Sur community, Friends, Family anyone willing to listen; Apple Pie School has been going through a tuff time as the breakfast funds have been cut this year … (Read more at the link below)
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