Jade Festival Photos

What a weekend! I was too busy to get any but a couple of shots, but I have collected a few from others I wish to share. There were several world famous musicians who played.

Here is a phtograph of Danny Weis, one of the founding members of Iron Butterfly … photo by bigsurkate


Here is a wonderful close-up of a piece of Jade by Howard Jones. More at


I have a few more I will be adding throughout the day, but I must first add a thank you to the core members of the SCCLT who do the vast majority of the work in setting this up: Syd Carr for the incredible music and volunteers; Kirk Brock who brings the diverse array of vendors to us each year; Steve Finch, who was in charge of almost everything else; and Lisa Gehring who controls all the money. The school and PTO had a number of booths, not the least of which was the BBQ booth, led by Gordon Pfiffero and Josh Wilson. It was the best! And for one of the most important, and least recognized jobs of all – trash and recycling, Gail Dinsmore. To all who contributed in all ways great and small – we keep getting better each year due to the hard work you all contribute to this community event.

More photos later.
The Jade Lady by Gary Gowdy, one of my favorite pieces, photographed by Kalamakuaikalani D.

7 thoughts on “Jade Festival Photos

  1. All great and successful events are the product of long hard work, culminating in everyone coming together for fun and enjoyment of all to offer. I, too, would like to thank my fellow coordinators for all their time and effort it took to pull off something so fantastic! And, we know it can’t be done without all those who volunteered their time before, during and after the festival. Many thanks to everyone for the largest and most fun filled weekend on the South Coast of Big Sur!!

  2. It was an awesome event, and we had a great time seeing so many friends! We want to say thanks to everyone for putting on another great Jade Festival, and we’re glad to say we were there!

  3. Thank you to Syd and Steve and all the volunteers! Don’t forget Ben and the rest of the staff at Plaskett and Sand Dollar. They worked their butts off to make everything work! Looking forward to 2015!

  4. There are SO MANY volunteers, it is hard to mention them all. I just gave a shout out to the ones I’ve worked with for the last 15 years, or so. Forgive me for any I forgot!


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