Halloween Storm report

7:30 am – Between midnight and dawn I received another .65″ of rain bringing the storm total to 2.82″ – impressive and needed. Hopefully, this is just a beginning. The greatest rate of rain, after midnight, came at 2 am, when it was quite loud at 2.82″/hour. Before midnight, it was up to 4 1/2″ per hour at one point – could have been Hawaii but for the cold, down around 40 degrees most of the night. Predictions are for showers on and off today, but at the moment it is off. Enjoy the earthy smell of the after-rain.

9 thoughts on “Halloween Storm report

  1. What will all the Halloween kitdlettes do in the rain? I’d asked it of cashier at Safeway last night who was wearing a blond Goldylocks wig and vampire teeth. Smiling broadly she said, They’ll tough it out! Yes, American kids (and grownups) and holidays. What rain?
    So it was joyful on all fronts. Sounds like a good measnure of downpour.
    If you live just a few steps from civilization you don’t see the trick or treaters. My entire exposure was Safeway clerks and customers and I must really be getting old, I missed the neighborhood action.

  2. It has been wonderful to get some real rain. I feel much better now. Yes let’s keep these mini storms coming.

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