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This is an iPhone photo of the strange lights at least 10 people saw last Wednesday, November 5th at 6:30 and at 7:00 pm. This strange phenomena was seen by people from Cambria to Rocky Point.

This photo shows one light coming in (or going out) and another at its peak. It was taken with an iPhone only, and zoomed in, but not enhanced or changed in any way. It was submitted by Rick Borutta, but taken by his friend Eric. Eric saw the lights first, then went and got Rick.


A friend of a friend in Carmel saw and photographed the lights, too. If I can download, I will post. The Carmel person called the police, who told them to call a government agency, who told them it was under investigation, but was probably a military operation. Hmmm …

2 thoughts on “Strange Lights Photo

  1. God bless humankind, so interested in looking up, exploring and knowing, and yet imagine how much we miss. When I lived in Yosemite, sky night lights were common, over and around the peaks. I was at 5200 feet, zero ambiant light. There were many sightings of those huge black triangular shaped things with border lights that black out all the stars. I never saw that, so many others did. I saw and photographed something propelled slowly across the whole sky at sundown. If I can find them I’ll post that. I think it’s great the Big Sur lights are being documented. Anybody know local pilots?

  2. Apparently Hunter Liggett is doing some “exercises” in the next 2 weeks and maybe this is all related. I’m sure Nevada has some great sightings too…way out in the middle of nowhere…

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