Happy Thanksgiving

Most years, I have gone to my friend Jo-Anne’s for Thanksgiving. Today is her last, due to new adventures on her horizon. I am honored to share her friendship. This is how she decorates her table.


May your day be filled with love, laughter, friends and family. Mine is. Blessings to one and all.

On the storm front – Watch the weather reports, while timing and amounts change, all reports indicate this could be fun. Enjoy, but be safe!

7 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Thanks Kate for sharing your time and energy with us blog readers . Your Blog efforts help connect or re-connect our feelings for Big Sur . Wishing You Much Love and Happiness this Holiday Season ,,,, an appreciator in P T WA .

  2. I cannot, for the life of me, imagine a time when I did not know you. I have already (and not just recently) embroidered a childhood where side by side you and I, Kate, tumbled in leafy lawns with the family dogs, shared secrets on walks amongst lupin, fern, and redwood, and raced to the shore’s edge when we met up again after college and trips abroad. In fact, thanks to some fabulous movies and books with elaborate chapters which I have re-cast to our benefit, we’ve taken train rides across the Steppes and ponies to Mongolia, poured tea for the Dali Llama, taken a tub with Shirley MacLaine, stopped off on Branson’s island for rendezvous with the Stones….and that was only last month. If we weren’t doing back up next Tuesday for Carol King we wouldn’t see each other again til after Christmas. (Don’t forget the sea shell bra and leather jacket).
    Very thankful you’re a part of my life. And that you always have been, Kate.

  3. Oh, delightful visuals, all. You made my day, now I must get ready to leave! love and hugs to you, Barbara, and to all my friends, readers, and loves near and far. I am blessed!


  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you Kate and all of us followers of your awesome website. Blessed is a great word, I am blessed as well. Looking forward to the river rising. Hugs. Pam

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