Sunday’s Storm report

7:00 pm, while it is still early I am going to give a final report for the day as it seems all is quiet. And I am ready to settle in for the night.

Rainfall total: .81″ (at 9 pm it was .82″) for the day; 2.65″ (2.66″) for the month; 5.59″ (5.60″) thus far for the year. The maximum rain rate was 2.76″ an hour at 4:50 pm. The greatest wind gust was 33 mph at 8:05 am. If I’m forgetting anything, my weather station doesn’t measure it.

Tomorrow there is a break in the weather before a bigger storm slides in on Tuesday. I’m going to stock up, once again. This time of year, I stock up during every break, no matter how stocked I am.

10:00 am – Rain started in the very north end of Big Sur (Palo Colorado Canyon) around 7 am, it started here at 7:30. Didn’t really get heavy until about 9:30, but then it was significant. We currently have received .43″ but the barometric pressure is now raising rapidly. Will see if that means it is over.

Enjoy the quenching of the thirst of Mother Nature.

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