Storm Report & Road Conditions, 2/8/15

4:11 pm – SP got it cleared up. Ed note – this is just the first of the slides we will see before this storm is  done sometime tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, none of them will be significant or prolonged.

3:45 pm – MUD/ROCK SLIDE AT MM 42, Grimes Canyon.

3:30 pm – a TC of an SUV vs. Guard rail near Post Ranch. There are concerns about power lines as well. May be tie ups for a bit until all can be cleared. Nothing as dramatic as the 8.35″/hr at 11:11 am, but we are up to 1.26″ for the day and 4.15″ for the storm. More is coming in tonight into tomorrow am, so conditions are ripe for road problems. Be careful, and try to stay off Highway One at night, particularly if unfamiliar.

8:15 – traffic hazard at Big Creek, black sedan. I’m guessing flat tire from rocks on the road … Based on past experience, so an educated guess, but still, a guess.

7:30 am – FHL has confirmed the bridge at N-F is indeed open.

6:30 am – the rain started as I was waking. Today is predicted to be a repeat of Friday, but perhaps higher rain totals. Winds are progged to be slightly less, but advisories issued thru 10 pm.

Yesterday, Ft. hunter Liggett closed its water crossings at Nacimiento-Fergusson and at Del Venturi. That is specific to water crossings, not bridges, as written. There is a number to call for further information, but it is too early to call.

Nothing is being reported on the CHP website at this time regarding problems on Highway One. Okay, that the abbreviated early am report … Stay turned for further reports throughout the day. Now time for coffee.

10 thoughts on “Storm Report & Road Conditions, 2/8/15

  1. Early rain – 6:30 as you – gave way to sun right now. Yesterday we noted how much water was running in the Carmel River well up valley. Nice to see. Probably going to punch through the sandbar at the beach today if it didn’t overnight. Looking forward to the rain later.

  2. After only .12″, but a rate of an inch an hour a little after 7 am, a break in the rain, but no sun here. Sitting on top of a mountain, I am clouded in completely during storm events, and usually the day after, as well, while the mountain breathes and creates its own cloud.


  3. Hard storm just started here in Capitola at 10:20 a.m. Stay dry and warm and inside everyone, we really need this rain, they say a bit more rain tomorrow, Monday and then dry for awhile.

  4. As of 7pm, the gauge at Pacific Valley School read .67 inch, plus storm total of 2.04. But it was so windy that frequent radical gusts (guessing over 50 knots) would blow the rain sideways and thus miss the gauge mouth, so the totals could have been a lot more. Things are settling down slightly, but there is a certainty of a lot of showers through the night from the big cells moving in from off the coast.

  5. Hi David,

    Does the weather station at the school accurately gauge wind speeds? They seem fairly low, the 10 minute average never broke 7mph today. Is the weather station protected from direct winds?

    –a confused neighbor 🙂

  6. The highest winds I recorded were Friday, at 41 mph. Don’t think I ever got over 33 on Sunday, and I am completely exposed – ridge top and all.


  7. To confused neighbor,
    Our gauge is automated, so there may be some glitch in its system. On the other hand, the main school area is sheltered by the tall trees in Plaskett canyon directly to our south. The gale winds were southerly, so the trees would be between the brunt of the wind and the school buildings there. We DID have some amazingly strong gusts in the more exposed areas of our campus, not to mention falling “widowmaker” branches from the drought-stressed eucalyptus trees that grow on the area.

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