Photo Friday the 13th

This may be wishful thinking … But I really like these archival photos from Dan Danbom. they are from 9/8-9/9, 1999. image




imageBTW, Internet at home is driving me crazy … Looking into satellite. Open for suggestions. I have had HughesNet in the beginning time, and they drove me …. NUTS! Any suggestions, shared experiences, welcome.

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  1. Bloody marvelous, nice going Kate and Dan. Knowing that land I can’t help but imagine the lightning coming up from it rather than drawn from the sky. I actually did see that once heading to SF on 1, lightning jumped from the surface of the ocean into the clouds, incredible.
    Re internet, there was a couple, Brits maybe, living down Sycamore Canyon up on the hilltop facing Pfeiffer who ran some local internet thingy though a bit ‘selective’ about who was going to be blessed. I wasn’t. But I think I have their number, I’ll email you with it if you like.

  2. It is tough without dsl, AT&T Uverse, Hughes and Wild Blue are equally awful.
    If Dish internet or Verizon are available in your area, they, while NOT cheap, are reliable.

  3. I’ve been with Verizon for YEARS. I was happy too go to them after Hughes, but not, it is no longer satisfactory.


  4. ohhhh



    ooooOOOOHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh …hhh

    Thank you.

  5. .. and then I Remember … “’08”, and become very Quiet.

    I have photos of those first few Shots of Lightning that hit The Sur. just yards away from The Hawthorne Gallery.

  6. PV School has had good luck with the Wild Blue Exede. Occasionally we come close to hitting the monthly bandwidth limit that we subscribe to, but our tech person has been good at monitoring our usage and then paying for an increased amount of bandwidth to get us through the month. It’s a lot better than what we had before, which was Hughes. And it’s cheaper, even though we were getting e-rate funding for it and now with Wild Blue we aren’t.

    BTW, those shots are definitely electrifying! Good timing with the shutter button, too. Was that a storm that started any wildfires? I’ve lost track….too many to keep them all straight in my memory banks.

  7. I remember that storm. I remember stopping at Kirk Creek campground on my way back from the North Coast (ballgame at state park?). We watched as the strikes hit all around us, knowing that at least one of them was starting a fire. There was very little if any rain that fell during that storm. It was a pretty intense storm with almost constant strikes for about an hour.

  8. That was the most extreme lightning storm I’ve ever seen around here. Lightning was striking continuously and networks of electricity would radiate out through the clouds like an umbrella from the top of strikes. I couldn’t help but duck as the bolts would pass crackling overhead. Next morning from Cachagua we could see smoke rising from dozens of places in the Wilderness. The Kirk Complex was underway.

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