Fire Season starts In March this year

This afternoon, there were two separate abandoned campfire along South Coast Ridge Rd – one at 1/4 mile in, one at 1/2. One at 12:30 pm, another at 3:30 pm. PLEASE be responsible! People, as well as precious wildlife and flora live here. Don’t destroy our home.

at 12:53 this afternoon, I got the followng email:

“Hey Kate…..just heard a dispatch for veg fire at Naciemento River an Bryson/Hisperia…..B3414, Engines 4694, 3482, 3483, 3477, D3442, Ques. crew 5… to be a mutual aid to there, that’s in M/C [Monterey County] area.”

“….sort of sounds like it might be back by copperhead, at the back side of Bryson/hysperia….”

“That have D3442 an WT50 staging right now at where ever there location is…….wonder if they’re getting a handle on it.”

And at 1:41 pm – “They just cancelled Ques. 5 an 3477.”

Fortunately, it looks like it was handled rather quickly, but it certainly is a heads-up for this season, and with the large influx of “guests,” this fire season could be a long one. We can only hope and pray, but it sure is early.

3 thoughts on “Fire Season starts In March this year

  1. Still too green but today coming back from the Valley over the Pacheco Pass hillsides are browning out rapidly. We really needed a few more weeks of rain.

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