Rain Report, 4/7/15

Noon – final tally, 1.3″ nice. As to snow … I have a cloud sitting right on trop of me. A friend from Willow Creek called and said it was clear everywhere else except for Plaskett top. So, can’t see Cone Peak. Sorry. Maybe later today.

8:00 am – Was awake at 3 am when it all started, then woke again by that wonderful, almost-forgotten sound. So far, .just over an inch at 8 am wow! That ought to keep the onset of fire season off for a bit. Maximum wind gusts of 33 mph this morning.  Time to get the fire and the coffee going. All so delicious!

4 thoughts on “Rain Report, 4/7/15

  1. Rain started at 0614 here in NW SLO Co. Now approaching an inch. It’s a good old-fashioned Gulf of Alaska storm, the bread and butter of California water.

  2. Got about 9/10 of an inch at Pacific Valley School. Tuesday morning was raining so hard that my Weather Element monitor flashed a special message on its screen, which usually has just numerical data. The bold, flashing letters of the message exclaimed “IT IS RAINING CATS AND DOGS!”. I could not help to chuckle.

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