Foto Friday, 4/10

I almost forgot it was foto Friday today. I got a call from Rock Knocker’s sister Wednesday at 5:30 am. There are no good phone calls that come at 5:30 am … Ever. RK’s younger brother died suddenly and unexpectedly. Yesterday we traveled over to The Valley … You know the one split by I-5. I took this yesterday. A boring photo, but it shows how brown the hills are, and how the only green is irrigated. (I did HDR it for interest.)



~ by bigsurkate on April 10, 2015.

5 Responses to “Foto Friday, 4/10”

  1. I like the photo a lot! It’s quite striking with the well defined horizontal planes, 4 basic contrasting colors, the intense green of the trees, the haphazardness of the parallel & intersecting lines on the brown hills and then the puffy white clouds below a bright blue sky lightly streaked with dissipating con trails…


  2. So sorry for Rock Knocker Kate.


  3. Really beautiful photo though…..Give my best to RK… sorry for his loss.


  4. My best to you and RK and his family, I’m sorry for the loss to one and all.
    Your photograph is so striking, that run of clouds, the clouds have been all miracle this year, and they are very much subject to human emotions. If you have the chance go look at Scribbly Gum, Aussie site with a once a year cloud pattern thick and long as can be that draws gliders along it’s path. It’s arrival a cause for celebration. RIP humanity. Make it count.


  5. I hope and RK are okay. Never like those morning calls as well. I agree that this is still a beauty of a photo. Hugs.


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