Vegetation Fire – Fully Contained

3:30 – Fully Contained at 1.5 acres. The fire was across the street from Del Monte Shopping Center. 5 engines and 1 helicopter worked the fire.

2:00 pm – Cal Fire is on the scene of a vegetation fire in the Del Monte Forest area. That area has many buildings nearby, so they will be working to knock this one down quickly. Still early in the season, too. I have no further details at this time.

2 thoughts on “Vegetation Fire – Fully Contained

  1. April 2008 and April 2009 the central coast had early ‘tell’ fires like this. As reported by CalFire and blogged by you here Kate live fuel moistures in parts of the state is falling.
    For there to be an acre plus of vegetation within the mix of uncured grass, pines and oaks here, now in April means when the grass does cure and both dead and live fuel moistures drop further and we get some wind there is going to be some damage done.
    Winds were brusk today but even so I suspect fire crews were surprised.

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