Rain, glorious rain! Real rain!

7:00 am- i woke up at 4:00 am to see that I had received only .04″ of rain. Nothing to get excited about. Went back to sleep around 5:00, and still nothing significant. At 6:30, a decent hour, I woke to see it was “raining cats and dogs” per my gauge, and noted I had received .55″! Now THAT is something to get excited about, but it gets even better. Now, a 1/2 hour later, my gauge reads .75! When I read Pam Cromie’s FB post about hoping for 2″, I thought, yeah, right. Now, I think it is possible. enjoy, enjoy! I am going to build a fire, as it is a tad chilly.

6 thoughts on “Rain, glorious rain! Real rain!

  1. Glad it made it. We here at the Big Sur Nation Embassy to the Helvetian Confederation requested our good friends, the Swiss Alps, who had a fine winter, for assistance and they gladly donated some rainfall. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations we were only able to condense two centimeters into a ZIP CLOUD for transfer to the Santa Lucias.

  2. Thanks, Big Sur Nation! Every little bit helps! I ended up with 1.08″ but an Alms Ridge neighbor claims she got 1.5″ about 1000′ lower than I am.


  3. Thanks for all the Big Sur science, Kate. Lovely.
    Mid Valley’s had a downpour since some middle of last night through til maybe 10 or 11 this morning. We got a good hit, steady with enough wind to blow stuff over in the garden (boards etc); on the cool side, too. It made me remember I bought a car cover two years ago to keep the interior dry and haven’t used it since but went looking today.
    Very lucky here with not much sense of drought, lots of green and flowers. The Carmel Valley River’s picked up some steam, got fatter overnight. Hurrah the rain!

  4. Yes Kate it was glorious, not to be greedy but more please rain Gods. Thinking of Nepal while we shine in Paradise.

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