Town trips

When I moan about how long it takes to do some simple grocery shopping, Mother Nature reminds me how lucky I truly am. I think of my girlfriends in So Cal, my mother, God bless her, when she lived in Redondo, and on and on, and am struck by such incredible differences. Yes, they can get delivery of their groceries. Yes, they can choose from hundreds of different stores, and yes, they pay a price for this convenience … Too big a price, in my opinion. I get to see this when I go grocery shopping. What do you see?


6 thoughts on “Town trips

  1. When living on the Willow Ck side of Plaskett, 1970-77, I drove (or hitched after losing my car in the Salmon Ck fire) to town once every two weeks. Supplementing my stash of grains, town trip meant buying about as many extras as I could put in a 40# pack. Back then my destination was the Rio Road Safeway.

    For me, the decompression after arriving home from the town trip was the most striking feature. There is something about the active “energy” of town that is very different than the feeling of life in the woods. It was generally about four days home before I fully reconnected with the calm and quiet of that rhythm.

  2. So smart of you, yes you’re right. In cities I’d talk myself into thinking who needs scenery anyway, beautiful surrounds are for sissies (or something like that) until you’ve had a road with a view like the ones you posted and it sticks to your heart and brain. Hurrah for beauty.

  3. Just take in all that variety of nature’s colors, a feast for the eyes.

  4. Jean, I really enjoyed your description of life in the seventies. How time flies… for better or worse…

  5. Iust hear at least 500+ times a year “you live here, how lucky are you. How do I get a job and a house like you have?” One guest told me, who lives in Redwood City, no one has ever said that to me.” Our guests are a daily reminder for me and my town run is about 1/2 as long as your’s Kate. Thanks for the reminder.

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